Aims and Objectives

        The most significant objective of the Madrasa is imparting the Islamic education in Islamic spirit and its success is attributed to the selfless service of the various faculties, sincerity, and enthusiasm of the students, the presence of a sufficient number of competent teaching staff, and the effectiveness of the management. All these things and many more, glorify them madrasa. To date, we have a strength of 1,000 students most of whom are free borders. The Madrasa undertakes other liabilities such as maintaining the boarding and lodging, meeting the medical and academic expenses, and providing the prescribed and other significant tests to the students.

The teachers are experienced, scholarly, well versed in their fields, hardworking and dedicated. Naturally, the level of classroom teaching in all faculties especially Arabic (from I to ‘Aalim’ standard) is very high. Every year a large number of students pass out from our institution equipped with the light of Islamic education.

We have thousands of students in the Arabic faculty, the faculty of memorizing the Kalam-e-Pak, Tajweed, the faculty of Deeniyat, the faculty of the logical studies, and even in the department for modern education.

There are more students in these faculties than we can accommodate, Needless to add, all this is the outcome of successful management and teaching facilities. What, above all, deserves commendation is the emphasis on character building along with education. By the grace of Allah, this spirit vibrates through all the plans and programs of the Madrasa.

The Islamic way of life, observation of the codes of Shariat and Sunnat, Tableegh and the Preparation of Deeni debated and discussions of textual complexities, the vibration echo of the text of Allah and the versions of the Prophet of Islam, Mohammad (Peace be on him), the strenuous practice of students on memorizing the Kalam-e-Pak, practical applications of Kalemah-e-Taiyabah and sirat-e-Mohammadi (peace be on him)  all sumptuously from the capital assets of the teachers and students here. It should be in a systematic manner. One can enjoy the pleasure of noticing it even on a chance visit. May Allah, the all-merciful, acknowledge everybody’s effort in this direction.

In the congregational performance, the whole assembly of the students, teachers, and Mohtamim Saheb offers ‘Dua’ in solemnity after every Fajr Namaz and the reading of Yaseen Sharif. Tilawat-e-Quran is the substantial power to invoke Allah’s latent grace on the madrasa. ‘Dua’ is offered for the dead also and for people who make special requests for their particular prayers e.g. for reprieve and their good in the other world.