A Brief Introduction

         In 1955 late Hazrat Maulana Quari Mohammad Fakhruddin Saheb, a renowned Quari in his own right. Undertook the task of establishing a “Deeni” “Madrasa” in Ranchi. He conveyed information with regard to his plan of this secred mission to the Shaikh-ul-Islam Hazrat Maulana Syed Hussain Ahmed Madani Saheb and requested him for his blessing and guidance. Hazrat Madani Saheb, in a letter, gratly appreciated this grand initiative and blessed Quari Fakhruddin Saheb and prayed for its effective beginning and expansion in course of time. In 1957 Hazrat Shaikh-ul-Islam Saheb left for the heavenly adobe. Within two and a half months of his demise, however, with Allah’s special grace, the dream was realized, and a distinguished disciple of the late Hazrat Khalifa-e-Arshad, Hazrat Maulana Azhar Saheb was a product of Jamia Islmia Darul Uloom, Deoband, and to enhance and reinforce his spiritual education he had come in close contact with Hazrat Shaikh-ul-Islam Saheb and was his beloved disciple. On April 29, 1958, On Shawal 9, 1377 Hijri this Madrasa ultimately found its footing in Mohalla Kadru, Ranchi as the first memorial to Shaikh-ul-Islam, Hazrat Maulana Syed Hussain Ahmad Madani Rahmatullah-Alaih and was, therefore, named Hussiania in his memory. In the beginning this Madrasa was started in the house of Haji Mohammad Shahoodud-deen Saheb. A great deal of incoveniece, however, was caused due to inadequate space here and later at Kadru Masjid. A piece of land was later acquired with the money collected through small donations and a simple structure with thatched roof to house the madrasa was constructed. In course of time a suitable plot was purchased on which a pucca construction came up. Presently the Madrasa has erected three-storied buildings with a magnificent dome. A Tafseer Hall and a spacious library stand prominently inside the dome. The library holds a rich collection of prescribed and general text and reference books. To the west on the main building, by the gracious will of Allah, a new plot was acquired on which an impressive building of the Masjid was erected. Expansion continued and to the North and South of it other double storied buildings sprang up which now house the Madrasa proper. These buildings also Serve as hostel and accommodate teachers and students. The pressure to accommodate ever swelling number of the students the Madrasa had to construct a new double storied 29 roomed residential complex. This complex also houses the faculty of “Hifz” (i.e memorizing the Kalam-e-Pak) This building is grand and eye soothing. Attached to it is a range of 24 toilets with proper water connection and hygienic outfit. The entire infrastructure has been till date the outcome of late Haji Moinuddin Saheb’s untiring efforts and enthusiasm. Because of the 18 year trial and toil of Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Kazimul Hussaini Saheb, the dedicated united efforts of the members of Madrasa and the generous contributions of Muslim brothers the then Bihar Government very considerately allotted a huge plot of 1 acre and 30 decimals for the purpose of hostel in lieu of a token price of only Re. One per katha. Now a two-floor building with water tank is already complete on it and a large part of the faculty of ‘Hifz’ (memorizing the Kalam-e-Pak) has been shifted there. All apart, the Madrasa welcomes you and invites you to enter through a grand main entrance. (Bab-e-Azhar).